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Our Services

Additional Services
  • New Parking Stalls

  • Re-Striping Existing Stalls

  • ADA Approved Handicap Stalls

  • ADA Approved Handicap Stencils

  • Directional Arrows

  • Painting Light Pole Bases and Bollards

  • Curb Painting

  • Parking Bumper Painting

  • Athletic Field Painting

  • Signage and Post Installation

  • New/Existing Parking Bumper Installation

  • Bollard Cover Order and Installation

  • Word and Number Stencils

  • Custom Stencils 

  • Covering or Removing Old Markings

  • Pot Hole Filling

  • Street Sweeping

  • Sealcoating and Crackfill
New in 2020
Facilities Serviced
  • Parking Lots

  • Parking Garages

  • Warehouses

  • Factories 

  • Apartments and Hotels

  • Municipalities 

  • Schools and Universities 

  • Shopping Centers

  • Commercial and Industrial 

Maximize Your Lot Capacity

To help create, improve, or maintain the flow of traffic in a lot or space, Shoreliners' specialists will either re-stripe or customize a layout per customer requests, or our own design.


Parking Lot Striping is an essential part of the public’s safety. Parking Lot Striping indicates the road and lane boundaries, passing and non-passing zones, pedestrian crossings, and control the flow of traffic. When stripes begin to fade or weather, we strongly recommend hiring us to repaint the stripes.  Shoreliners has the right tools and equipment to quickly create quality cost effective parking lot stripes. Our reflective paints allows drivers to easily see the road lines in poor weather conditions or during the night.

Parking Lot Striping Apartments Shoreliners
Parking Lot Striping Parking Ramp
Parking Lot Requirements

ADA laws are always changing, especially in parking lots. Shoreliners is constantly studying the industry and the newly formed legal requirements. We keep your lot compliant so you don't have to.

Requirement Examples
  • Handicap Parking Spots

  • Loading Zones Near Doors

  • Fire Lanes Along Buildings

  • No-Parking Zones

  • Indoor Warehouse Safety Markings

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